Cua Lo Port


1. Min. Depth below chart datum:

4.40 m

2. Min Width

80 m

3. Quality of Bottom

Sand bottom

4. Required UKC

0.30 M

5. Dredging plan & maintenance

One in every year


1. Location

180 50’ 2 N – 1050 42’ 2 E

2. Diameter

250 m

3. Min. Depth below chart datum

7.00 m

4. Quality of bottom

Sand bottom

5. Required UKL

0.30m for day time; 04m for night time

C. ANCHORAGE                     ZERO BUOY: 180 49’ 7’’ N – 1050 44’ 4’’ E

1. Location

180 48’ N -  1050 45’ E

2. Area L & B

Distance fr anchorage to berth: 6 miles

3. Depth

9.50 M

4.Quality of Bottom



1. Channel buoys

09 buoys

2. Beacons

01 near pilot station

3. Transit Marks


4. Others




1. Number of Pilot

6 pilots

2. Pilot Station

180 48’ 30’’ N – 1050 45’ 12’’ E

3. Service hours

Day-time for vsl’s LOA over 120M

4. Communication between pilot and vsl

By VHF – Channel 16

5. Maneuvering methods in the harbor

Threw Heaving line on shore or mooring boat if big vessel


1. Number of tug boat

3 tug boats

2. Type & Horse Power

01 tugs of 490 HP, 01 tug of 800HP, 01 tug of 850HP

3. Tower Rope

Vsl’s rope

4. Where making fast tugs when entering & dismissed when departure

Tug always standby at port

5. Criteria for numbers of tugs for vsl entry & departure

Required 02 tugs

6. Install VHF on Tug boat or not

VHF installed on Tug Boats

7. Operating Criteria

Wind under 6th force

8. Owner & Operator

Cualo Port Stevedore Company

Tel: 84-38-944631 Fax: 84-38-847142

H. BERTH FACILITY – 4 berths available

1. Name of berth

Cualo port, public port

Max allowable size and approaching speed 



Depending on ship’s particular



At this moment available tug is 490HPx1 and 800HPx2 therefore if owner, charterer appointed vsl LOA above 140m, aditional tug 1200HP hv to hire from other port with expensive amount. Pls take note




6.0 m


6.70m at high tide 2.50m

after less Required 0.30 UKC


Pilot’s order

2. Water depth below mean L.W. springs


3. Required UKC

0.30 m

4. Length

350 each

5. Width of Apron


6. Height of deck level above C.D

3.00 m

7. Max size of vsl ever accommodated

No restriction

8. Fender Type and materials

40cm-diameter rubber fender

Number & interval

50 fenders/150m  - 3.00 m interval 

9. Mooring Bit


10. Berth available & occupancy

4 berths No. 1 – No. 2 - No. 3 - No. 4

11. Priority System

Priority given to Foreign vsl

12. Availability of fresh water

Both shore connection and barge

13. Bunker supply

Available DO/FO

DO Available supplied both at berth ( by tanker truck) & anchorage ( by barge tanker).

FO available at berth only ( by tanker truck). FW available at berth & anchorage

14. Installation of docking sonor


15. Others/ water gravity

As 7.20 m depth, most of vsl entry & departure has to wait for high tide round 2.00 – 2.80 m

16. Restriction

For vsl’s LOA more than 120 m, light time entry and departure compulsory.


Type and number of loader

Mobil crane available; Kangaroo crane 40MT/01 unit

Clear height from chart datum

8.50 m

Out reach from fender face

6.00 m

Traveling range

Mobil crane

Loading capacity

1000 - 1500MT/day

Communication system between vsl and loading operator.

Boarding officers or by VHF



Cualo port, Nghe an Pro., Vietnam

Tel: 84-38-944631/944131 fax: 84-38-944317

Items of necessary information

There has been frequently many 5,000 – 15000  DWT vsl entry and depart safely. In case of draft restriction, lighterage shall take place at anchorage position

Communication between vsl and port

By VHF – channel 16


Availability of radio pratique system 


Quarantine station

Pilot Station

Service hours

Comprehensive hours 

Necessity Documents

Derating Exemption Certificate


Place where officers boarding

Pilot station

Service hour

0600 – 2300 even holiday


Required as in any Vietnam International port

Ho Chi Minh city port (river port)

Pilot station position:10 Deg 17.04”3 N, 107 Deg 05.17” E
Ports: Nha Rong, Khanh Hoi, Tan Thuan, Ben Nghe, Lotus, Nhabe, Catlai...

Vungtau port area (seaport)

Pilot station position:10 Deg 17.04”3 N, 107 Deg 05.17” E
Ports: Go Dau, Phumy ports, Caimep ports, Vietsovpetro, PTSC.

Danang port area (seaport)

Pilot station position: 16 Deg 10N; 108 Deg 11E
Ports: Song Han, Tien Sa, My Khe, Lien Chieu

Haiphong port area (river port)

Pilot station position: 20 Deg 40N; 106 Deg 51E
Ports: Dinh Vu, Thuong Ly, Chua Ve, Doan Xa

Cai Lan Port

Pilot station: L' Orange Island, Lat. 20o43' 4''N, Long. 107o10' 3''E
Pilot boards about 0.5NM at the South of L'Orange Island, VHF contact CH.16
Pilotage: Distance from Pilot station to the port: 21 miles