Haiphong port area (river port)

Pilot station position: 20 Deg 40N; 106 Deg 51E

Ports: Dinh Vu, Thuong Ly, Chua Ve, Doan Xa

Access channel: 26 miles far from Pilot Station, draft 6-8.5m depend on daily tide

Tidal range: diurnal. Night time navigation

Handling: Pax, containers, bulk, oil product, LPG

Dong Nai Port

- Access river:: Thi Vai river
- Access channel length: 28 miles long from Vung Tau anchorage point

Cua Lo Port

1. Location: 180 50’ 2 N – 1050 42’ 2 E
2. Diameter: 250 m
3. Min. Depth below chart datum: 7.00 m

Nha Trang Port

1. Min. Depth below chart daum: 11.00

2. Min Width: 100.00

3. Quality of Bottom: Sand and mud

Vung Ang Port

1. Min. Depth below chart datum: -11.80m
2. Min Width: 150m
3. Quality of Bottom: Mud, Sand and some clay